Small quantities of wine are produced from grapes grown in our vineyards. Most of the vines are 30+ years old. All are hand-pruned and the grapes hand-picked. Table and dessert wines are made by Brian Sinclair at Brindabella Hills Winery, one kilometre down the road, and our sparkling wines by Greg Gallagher up the road to Murrumbateman.

The wines are well made, reasonably priced, and have very low carbon mileage. They express the place and the seasons. They are true locals, available at the cellar door, through this site, and at a number of restaurants and retail outlets around Canberra.


We charge an industry-standard tasting fee of $5 per person, refundable on purchase of wine. We also offer a seated wine tasting while dining/lunching for tables of up to six people; price per head is $10. This option is not available for larger tables.

We recommend that patrons for wine tasting only (excluding dining), and especially larger groups, make a booking and preferably come before 12 or after 3 when there are fewer diners in our space and you can taste with greater comfort.


Contact us for our wholesale price list.

Most of these will be on tasting when you visit our cellar door.